The USB 4-in-1 Webcam keeps all of your gadgetry together

by Ally

If you have a serious thing for multiple gadgets in one when it comes to the things you place on your desk, this 4-in-1 webcam combines plenty of gadgetry.  It also has nice bendy arms to get each individual part in its perfect spot for your comfort.  There is a bit of a down side though, to get the microphone close enough to your mouth, the webcam would be broadcasting up your nose.  Which isn’t a huge deal, it just means if you want to use the microphone, you’ll have to flip off the webcam.

In addition to the webcam and microphone it also has a fan as well as a light attached to it.  The LED lights also have a dimmer switch, to make the bright white lights a bit less harsh.  It would definitely clear space for people with all four of those gadgets on their desk.  Hopefully the fan is powerful enough for those overly sweaty moments.  It is currently being sold on Brando for $23.  Which means all of the gadgets aren’t likely to be the highest of quality.

Source: geekalerts

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