D-Link goes green with new Wi-Fi routers


D-Link wants to do their part for the environment with a new range of Wi-Fi routers that are actually smart enough to help you save up to 40% in power usage – this is made possible as the routers are capable of detecting cable length as well as link status, adjusting power accordingly instead of running at full steam all the time as most of the other routers currently do. Heck, the routers can also be programmed to shut down the Wi-Fi radio when it is not in use so that power can be saved. The three Wi-Fi routers to feature D-Link’s Green Ethernet technology are the D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router DIR-665, Xtreme N Duo Media Router DIR-855, and the Xtreme N Gaming Router DGL-4500. The routers alone are not new, but they’ve been updated with such green technology, they’re practically reborn.

Source: Slippery Brick

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