Strobing Beer Glass


Unless you’re an extremely weak drinker, it will take a few glasses or pints of lager before your tongue starts to loosen and you get all happy, forgetting about the day’s woes. Instead of drinking from an ordinary glass, why not settle for the Strobing Beer Glass?

The lights on the base of this plastic pint shoot upwards lighting your favorite tipple in a technicolor swirl that could send your head reeling if you’ve had a couple. If the strobing is a bit too much the other 2 setting will be a welcome relief, one simply flashes and the other keeps the light on steadily, giving your pint an ethereal quality.

It might be a tad tough to remember that the base must be unscrewed before rinsing to make sure the battery and light unit do not get wet. The Strobing Beer Glass will retail for £4.99.

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