Ball Shaped Concept PC Could Change the Shape of Computing

by Mark R

There’s nothing that I love more than covering new concept gadgets, and this is one of the coolest that I have ever seen.

Introducing the ball-shaped PC from designer Apostol Tnokovski. This PC ball is a 6-inch orb, that is said to be the smallest PC ever made. This is assuming that it has been made. Some of these pictures that I’ve seen of it (including the one here) look a little CG to me, but these days, you can hardly tell.

The PC ball has legs that fold out, and remind me of the droidikas from Star Wars: The Phantom Menance. (Speaking of CG) As for the keyboard, it is one of those laser keyboards that I have seen before on other applications. As for the mouse, it is a pop-out job that affixes to ball.

The display is a projector that can put the screen on any flat surface. In fact, there is a holder that can clamp onto a piece of paper, in case a flat surface is not available.

I always like it when new concepts come out, but I always wonder how they will change things if they ever become reality. For example, how will this change laptop cases? Perhaps people will carry around cases that look like bowling-ball carriers.


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Surfgoat Says: July 24, 2008 at 12:43 pm

It’s cool but it’s also highly impractical and gimmicky. A sphere is about the most inefficient shape you could possibly use to house a computer. It’s an awkward shape to do anything with but kick. The laser keyboard is cool but if you are going that route, why the conventional mouse? Why not just project a track pad as well? Cool looking, but I have a feeling that the novelty would wear off really quickly.

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