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If you’re a casual swimmer who takes a dip occasionally, then there is no harm in skipping this post. Otherwise, do read on about the new Underwater Pace Clock from FINIS that will make even the most casual of workouts more exciting. After all, what’s the point of doing a few laps around the pool if you don’t want to better yourself? There is a certain sense of satisfaction each time you outdo your previous best time, and the day we stop trying to improve ourselves would be indeed a sad one. More on the Underwater Pace Clock after the jump.

With the addition of the Underwater Pace Clock, a uniquely waterproof digital clock for competition and practice settings, FINIS technical equipment continues to make even the most ordinary of workouts seem more exciting. The clock is completely submersible and waterproof to depths of 16 feet (5 meters). The unit has a large 10″x10″ two-digit display for viewing across the pool, and comes equipped with LCD digit display for clear reading from multiple angles and varying distances. Swimmers can utilize this technology in tracking their sets and sendoffs, as well as by monitoring their desired pace – all without subsequently losing their stroke technique and stroke rhythm. By placing the Underwater Pace Clock on the deck or resting it on the bottom of the pool, the swimmer or swimmers are able to obtain a clear visual readout and a constant awareness of their performance with no awkward lifting of the head. The device also includes a detachable infrared pole (3 feet in length) to transmit signals to the base of the unit. The infrared technology facilitates the lap counting function of the clock. Swimmers and coaches can use the Underwater Pace Clock to track longer distances in both practice and meet settings. Additionally, easy to access buttons on the unit allow the user to reset and switch between various modes. A unique feature of the Underwater Pace Clock is that it is fully powered by a standard 9-volt battery and absolutely no wires are necessary. The clock’s internal battery provides for 240 hours of continuous, wireless operation.

Coaches, take note of this device in your next shopping list if you haven’t done so already.

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