The Proporta Keyring keeps your SIM card safe

by Ally

SIM cards are just one of those things that are entirely too conveniently small.  It makes them easily lugged around and extremely easy to lose.  Anymore if many of us dump out our couch, not only will we get change but random small technology that has managed to slip between the cracks.  This extremely chic little keychain was created to help you keep your SIM card right where you won’t lose it.

Now, if you manage to lose the keychain, you’re just out of luck.  However, for most people attaching it to your keys or purse would be enough to make sure it stays with you.  The Proporta keyring features a magnetic closure to make sure the card won’t slip out when it has been jostled around a little.  It is made out of leather and has a two tone coloring.  It is currently being sold for $6.95.  Which would be cheap enough that you could buy several, for just in case moments.

Source: crunchgear

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Richard Says: July 23, 2008 at 10:24 am

who takes out their sim cards though…

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