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Relationships are an extremely complicated thing – there are plenty of times in your life, I’m sure about it, that all you would like to do is leave a message for someone without having to take the trouble of holding a conversation. MobileSphere empathizes with such a feeling and has recently rolled out Slydial, a free service (everyone loves something for nothing) that enables users to leave a voicemail for another person without having to risk the intended party to actually pick up and answer the phone. All you need to do is to dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425), spend some time going through a concise history of Slydial and reasons for using it, endure a short advertisement and enter the person’s phone number. When done, the Slydial service will automatically hook up to the person’s voicemail just like a regular phone call.

so far, initial tests have shown that it works perfectly fine with the following mobile carriers – Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint Nextel, where each test took less than a couple of minutes in total. According to MobileSphere, Slydial is efficient enough to function flawlessly with all wireless phone carriers operating in the United States. There is a drawback, however, as Slydial cannot leave voicemails for landlines as well as those rocking to prepaid cell phones regardless of the carrier. That’s not too big of an issue to contend with since most people are already carrying at least one cell phone, and landlines are all but dead.

The service might be free to use, but those who want to do away with those short advertisements will, as usual, have to cough up a token amount. There are several options to choose from, including paying $0.15 each time a call is made to the service, $4.95 per month, or $29.95 for a one-year fee. Will you sign up for any of these plans?

Product Page via BetaNews

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Catherine Huigens Says: October 23, 2008 at 9:57 am

Every time I’ve tried using Slydial, which has been several times, it can’t seem to connect me to the person’s voice mail at this time and I am told to try my call again later. Then, I found out that it did make the person’s phone ring and they texted me asking if I was trying to leave them a message. So in my opinion, it doesn’t work.

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