Here we go again … another Mac Tablet rumor

by James

The Cupertino rumor mill is a buzz again. Like a voice crying in the wilderness, and fresh off the heels of a Steve Jobs promise that more interesting products are coming in the fall, The Giz is reporting a rumor that the long speculated MacBook Tablet will be shipping this October.

The rumor comes from the same MacDailyNews source who leaked new iTunes wireless features a few months back. It talks about a MacTab which will use the same multi-touch technology as the iPhone, but on a grander scale. Could it be true leak and not mere disinformation that Steve Jobs uses to ferret out loose lips and sink them? Well, there is the Apple Patent filing of a multi-touch LCD screen for tablets and laptops reported a few weeks back. Couple that with Steve’s carrot on a stick and you may just have something.

But meantime, the devil is in the details:
The MacTab will have an iPhone style multi-touch screen that’s full featured and learns gestures to store them in a library. It’ll have Mac OS X, slot-loading SuperDrive, accelerometer, GPS, and compatible with Apple App Store. The speculation also talks about how it will follow the iPhone’s marketing plan of initially costing a lot, followed by a price drop once the product line is established.

Hat Tip –The Giz

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