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Talking on your phone while driving without a handsfree kit is a major traffic offence in most countries, and the CPC WristBand is here to solve the problem. This sub-$10 solution comes with a universal case and a wristband that is strapped around your wrist.

Wrap the wristband around the wrist. Insert the flip or candy bar style cell phone into the clear pocket of the CPC WristBand. Now you’re free to communicate hands-free just like Dick Tracy it’s just that simple. The CPC WristBand is the world’s first and only hands-free cellular wristband accessory on the market that allows drivers over the age of 18 talk legally on the cellphone while driving. The Hands-Free cellular Wristband has been approved by Police Departments in the following countries: United States, England, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel and Japan.

Unfortunately, the millions of original RAZR owners as well as those who rock to its variants (RAZR V3, RAZR V3c, RAZR V3m, RAZR V3i) won’t be able to make their handset fit into the CPC WristBand universal case. The same goes for many PDA phones as well which are too large. Kinda ironic for a “universal” case if you ask me.

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Picasso Says: July 19, 2008 at 11:57 pm

How lame… Then it SHOULD NOT be called “universal” because it truly isn’t. Plus, it looks really tacky. If you can afford to buy coffee at Starbucks on a daily basis every week, get a dam bluetooth handsfree instead. I am sure people waste their money on more senseless things on a daily basis, at least a bluetooth is useful and can save you from getting a ticket and is a lot stylish then this piece of crappy cantraption of a sorry ripoff Dick Tracy watch gadget.

turn.self.off Says: July 20, 2008 at 6:22 am

problem is that you see comment after comment over at engadget and other pages about how unfashionable those bluetooth devices are…

that is, probably, unless you show up with a iphone 3G and a jawbone. all jobs approved 😉

Caz Says: July 20, 2008 at 4:38 pm

On gogadgetsgo.co.uk you will find a better solution to making calls while driving, with there mobile phone wrist watches.

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