GO GO Gadget Shirt!

by AndrewD

Inspector Gadget is our hero. Take a second to revel in his memory. How cool was this fictional man? He had a gadget for every situation, all of which were voice activated and ready for duty at a moments notice. In a way, Inspector Gadget is the prototypical dream geek. He is a true gadget idol and a man among mere mortals.

A cartoon character is a sad person to look up to though. There is just no way to compete with someone as utterly cool as an animated geek. We can say “go-go-gadget!” as much as we want, and the truth is that nothing will happen, unless we’ve programmed one of our gadgets to answer to our commands. At least this Go Go Gadget Shirt tee allows us to hold a piece of the Inspector mythology close to our hearts.

Available in both black and heather grey colored background with white lettering, the Go Go Gadget Shirt woman’s v-neck tee is made with 100% preshrunk cotton. This addition to your wardrobe will surely get all of you geeky ladies all geared up for fighting crime with your gadgetry-assisted skills.

The Go Go Gadget Shirt! t-shirt is available from Cafe Press for $21.99. While we’re pretty confident that the shirt won’t instill us with gadget powers, such as the old “helicopter from your hat” trick, but hey, what’s a geek to do? By the way, we need a man’s version of this shirt!

Product Page via Shiny Shiny

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