iJerry and iPiggy bring sound to your desk, literally

by Mark R

If you want sound from your computer, MP3 Player, or any audio video device, there are two ways you could go about it. You could plug in a headphone jack and have a private experience, or you could attach some stereo speakers and publicly rock the house.

There is of course a third alternative that mixes the first two choices: the iJerry. This little rabbit shaped guy plugs into any headphone jack, then somehow transforms any hard flat surface into a speaker. I’m not certain how it works, but it produces good quality sound, making your audio experience both public and private.

According to the iJerry product page on Gadget4all, the iJerry takes the technology of the “super-energy crystal material”. This somehow uses the “object resonating sound production principle” to cause any flat material such as wood, glass, or any other flat material.

Some of you may not like the look of the iJerry, which apparently takes its look and name from Jerry that cartoon mouse, without any lawsuit. However, if you are a Porky Pig fan, perhaps you should go for the iPiggy. The iPiggy has the exact same abilities of the iJerry.

You should be able to get the iJerry for about $95.00, and the iPiggy will retail for $79.90


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