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So the iPhone 3G has been making big news worldwide a good 24 hours ago, and one of the more interesting aspects would be the Apple App Store which enables users to purchase media or applications of their choice directly from the iPhone 3G. There are tons of applications and software available, and among them is Big Canvas PhotoShare. iPhone users will be able to seamlessly share, store and manage images taken on their device using PhotoShare. These images can then be uploaded live a few seconds after capturing them, with the option to throw in captions for a more memorable imag.e Sounds like the perfect tool for the socialite. More about the Big Canvas application right after the jump.

PhotoShare is an innovative new application built from scratch just for the iPhone, using the iPhone SDK. It combines a native iPhone application and a Web 2.0 service, which work in harmony to ensure customers get the best possible user experience on the iPhone. As part of the development initiative, the Big Canvas team has optimized the overall architecture – not only the application, but also the underlying network protocols – to take advantage of the iPhone’s unique capabilities, features and requirements. Some key features of PhotoShare include :-

  • Family and Friends – share photos with family and friends directly from the iPhone (just as secure as sending private e-mail messages, but a lot more convenient)
  • Most Popular – when you save a public photo to your personal favorites, you essentially cast your vote for the best public pictures on PhotoShare; help distinguish the best-of-the-best from thousands of pictures posted by users, win great prizes
  • Following – subscribe to other user photo-casts and enjoy the ongoing photo postings instantly

Best of all is, Big Canvas PhotoShare is free and immediately available for download.

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