Belt Clip Duct Tape Dispensor

by AndrewD

Duct tape is really an amazing thing. It’s capable of doing, creating, or fixing just about anything. Don’t believe me? Ask all the ladies out there with duct tape engagement rings, or all of the business men wearing duct tape suits. They’ll tell you how it is.

A man must always have some duct tape at hand. People! Listen to me! Duct tape is a miracle of innovation. There’s even books published about the magic you can create with the household object. That’s why this Duct Tape Dispensing Belt Clip is so damn cool.

This heavy-duty dispenser is sure to save as many projects you have that are in need of a good fixing. The Tape Wrangler fits any standard role of tape, you’ll always have a role of duct tape at hand for all of your taping needs.

Amazon is selling the Tape Wrangler for $18, quite a steal for the duct tape extraordinaire. The Tape Wrangler works one handed, right from the belt, or can be easily detached for more of an on-hand approach. So lets fix some of those leaky pipes, with duct tape of course.

Product Page via bookofjoe

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