Victoria Steam Cabinet


The Victoria Steam Cabinet might look pretty ordinary, but once you check out the features below, you’ll be blown away by the luxury and pampering you get each time you step inside after a long day at the office.

A modern glass centerpiece finished with elegant, slimlined wood shelving that can be accessed from within the steam cabinet using an interior glass sliding door. This model features a touch-sensitive control panel with contemporary square jets positioned down an aluminum column and illuminated under modern LED lighting.

Features include :-

  • Thermostatic Anti-scaled Valve
  • Touch-sensitive digital control panel
  • Aromatherapy
  • Slimline Shelving
  • Overhead white LED lighting
  • Steam generator with time and temperature settings
  • Ventilation fan
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Automatic Safety shutoff for overheating or no water
  • Fully Programmable Radio and speaker

Man, sounds relaxing, although the £2,495 price tag might leave you awake at nights wondering just how long will it take to pay off that soft loan you took just to have the Victoria Steam Cabinet installed in your home.

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