Wiggystyle from the land of the Vikings


What’s Wiggystyle, you ask? Well, I had the same blank look when I first read the product description in its full unedited glory below.

The purpose of Wiggystyle is to create an extra attitude to helmets of various kinds, make the user feel cool and get an extra attention to be earned when trick with the bike, board or ski. Since virtually all young people have a helmet of some kind, we have chosen to do Wiggystyle to an accessory that is attached to the helmet in place. A package contains two parts, a cool haircut and a black Velcro tape. The Velcro tape is fitted with a water-based glue that does not affect the helmet in any way. The glue makes the Velcro tape solid and reliable but come off easily simply by plenty of lukewarm water. The Velcro tape also makes it possible to use the Wiggystyle when it suits, you can switch between different colors to match the clothes you wear today.

OK, so Wiggystlye is but a way to help you gain some street cred by offering an alternative design to your helmet whenever you indulge in a little extreme sports. Currently, only Spike and Punk styles are available, and I hope to see more in the near future.

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