Flashlight with integrated video

by AndrewD

If only the old pulp novelists had gadgets like this to work with. Can you imagine how much shorter mystery stories of the past would be with modern forensics? Forget the heavy thinking detective. Technology is the Sherlock Holmes of modern times.

Japanese company Carrot Systems (apparently ran by bunny rabbits) has produced a flashlight with an integrated video camera and a sleek streamline design. The flashlight is touted as an awesome tool for crime scene investigators who want to capture a dynamic peek of any dark and seedy crime locations.

The AD-1500 Video Flashlight records video with its mini CMOS camera and built-in microphone. As long as you’re not too intrigued by the rookie puking over in the corner, you could pick up every single bit of crime information, literally not being left in the dark. The camera records in MP4 format right onto microSD cards. Up to 2GB of video time, or around 180 minutes.

Now hold onto your socks for some heavy hitting specs. The AD-1500 features 128 MB of on board storage, 300,000 pixels, 640×480 resolution, photo storage in JPEG, USB compatibility, and a special infra-red mode which works in ranges of 4 meters. Cha-ching! This is the jackpot for forensic detectives. Cost? You’ll be looking at about $800.

Product Page via CrunchGear

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