Flashing VCR crowd speaks, no broadband for them

by James

Although the latest studies show that over half of America now enjoys a broadband connection, the other half simply says they are just fine with that twirling handshake and crawling download speeds. According to the latest Pew Internet & American Life Project study, the flashing VCR crowd stick with overpriced and snail-slow dialup not because simply because don’t have to have the fastest Internet access on the block.

The total percentage of dial-up only preferences totals out at about 10 percent of Americans. While a whopping 55% enjoy broadband internet servicing for video and audio downloading, the remaining 35% either don’t have broadband in their area just yet or consider it too expensive. The remaining just don’t have a need for blinding internet access as they use the internet for checking email and the occasional google search and of those, 35 percent of dial-up users said nothing was going to convince them to get broadband service.

What’s interesting is that even though internet growth is near exponential in this country – rapidly replacing letter writing and television watching, 27 percent of adult Americans don’t Internet users at all. Who are these people? Mostly retirement age and low income American’s, according to the study, but still, that’s nearly a quarter of Adult America who doesn’t use either at home or work. So much for the bridge to the 21st century.

Hat Tip – Digital Trends

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