Music of Mass Destruction

by AndrewD

Musician’s aren’t known for being diabolical war mongers. Most of the time they have a free-loving, peaceful anti-war spirit (if they aren’t named Ted Nugent). The U.S. Supreme Court recently rejected legislation that would have banned hand guns from public and inner-city use. This, of course, spurred some pretty nasty controversy among the old Interwebz.

Before the ban was rejected, Freaking News ran a Photoshop contest in preparedness for a nationwide hand gun ban. The concept? Make weapons less intimidating through the design of musical instruments. And boy, did users create some doozies. If names like the Trumpet Pistol and the Russian Banjo aren’t enough to intimidate, we don’t know what is.

Take for example the previously mentioned Russian Banjo, which features an assortment of rockets and bombs as the banjo’s neck and a Russian psuedo-commie star as the face design, not to mention being the prized possession of one Vlad Putin. Yet surely the totally fake instrument can whip out an impressive Deliverance twang line.

While musicians might not be running out to their local instrument stores to seek out musical weapons there is a lot that can be said about making gun-control less of a hardcore issue and more about constitutionalism. Sure, a lot has changed since our fore fathers wrote that fateful second amendment, but it hasn’t killed us all just yet. In the end, the Supreme Court did their job of enforcing the law. Like it or not, it’s what they’re there to do.


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