Catty Corner Litter Box


So you’ve got a little kitty in your home, but you’re running short on living space as well. What’s there to do? Why, pick up the Catty Corner Litter Box, of course!

Tuck it into a corner…this full-size cat box comes in a space-saving design! The Catty Corner litter box fits even in smaller rooms, but still gives your cat plenty of room to maneuver. Scatter Guard Doorflap keeps spilled litter to a minimum, while the handy sifting tray makes it easy to clean. The door flap gives kitty extra privacy and helps reduce “litter scatter.” The interchangeable halves make it ultra-easy to “scoop”…just remove the top half and use the convenient handles to lift out the sifting screen. Replace it in the empty half, pour the clean litter in and replace the top! Made in the USA of stain- and odor-resistant polypropylene material.

The Catty Corner Litter Box will retail for $29.95 a pop.

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