Twinbird LED Lamp for all night readers

by Ally

If you’re an addict for reading at night and have a tendency to bother your significant other, this little light might be the better way to go.  It looks a bit easier to point in different directions away from anyone else that happens to be sharing your bed.  Due to the fact it can rotate up to 270 degrees.  The other cool perk is that you can fasten it to the headboard or railing on your bed frame.  At first glance I thought it was just a square box you set down.  However, it’s actually a bit like a clamp that you can remove and move someplace else if needed.

I am actually a really big dork when it comes to reading.  I get sucked in easily and will on occasion spend the whole night reading.  I was even worse about it as a kid, and this probably would have worked way better than the flashlight I kept hidden under the bed.  Which I of course as an adult have grown out of, into a mini flashlight.   I have tried book lights but actually find them to be a little inconvenient.  The tiny area the bulb illuminates isn’t enough.  This lamp looks like it would actually cover both pages.  Sadly this is a product only sold in Japan thus far and for about $84.

Source: newlaunches

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