Pet Night Lights create glowing images of your furry friend

by Ally

If you love your pets and having normal pictures of them around isn’t enough, now you can have illuminated ones. That’s right, just place the photo in the picture frame that happens to double as a night light and Fluffy glows all night long. I have a cat, I really do love her and she’s pretty, but she’s completely retarded. In a picture frame, she’s not nearly as entertaining. When my power goes out and I have lost touch with the internet, she is what keeps me from going into complete and total melt down.

Mostly, because she will not only attack anything that moves, but also stationary objects as well. Whip out the laser pointer and she’s happy to do back flips just to catch the glowing dot. So you would see why I might scoff at having pictures of her, much less a glowing image of her. She’d probably smack it out of the light socket if it looked at her wrong. Then again, I have to admit I find a glowing image of any pet to make even the most sane person appear to be the crazy cat lady. The site doesn’t list any price, however, one nice perk is that when you order you can send in a jpeg and they will put the image in the frame for you.

Source: chipchick

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