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Dell Studio Pink

I had a great experience last week, I was invited to Dell’s latest product launch which was made cooler than most launches as it was held at the Silverstone racetrack during F1 testing and we had to fly in 🙂 .

The main product to be announced was the new range of Dell Studio Laptops. The Studio range is designed with the personal touch in mind and comes in a range of colors, but if you think “Flamingo Pink” is a bit too in your face you can still personalize with the less gaudy graphite grey with blue trim (full color selection).

The overall design is pretty sleek and is one of Dell’s thinnest to date (it’s no Airbook mind you). Due to the wedge shape and hinge mechanism the screen appears lower than normal which makes it easy to use in confined spaces (planes, trains and automobiles). It also incorporates a cool back-lit keyboard for night browsing.

Feature-wise it packs in what you’d expect from a mid range laptop with a few extra innovative features, including :-

  • 15.4″ or 17″ Widescreen Display
  • Fingerprint reader for the security conscious
  • Optional Blu-ray drive
  • HDMI output to connect to your large HD screen
  • 5.1 Sound
  • Optional built-in mobile broadband (this is going require an additional monthly charge)

Prices for the Dell Studio range start from £379 (~$750), further info and availability over on the Dell site. As well as being able to buy the Studio laptops from the Dell site you’ll also be able to purchase them from more traditional stores such as Tesco, PC World, etc. which will save you from paying Dell’s somewhat legendary delivery charge.

Dell Studio Laptops

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Michelle Says: June 30, 2008 at 10:41 am

I think there’s a word for what I feeling now Al.

No wait. Got it. Jealous. Very Jealous.

Hope you had a great day. The Dell Studio range looks good and I think Dell have recognised the need for a more stylish range to please those not so interested in increasingly high specs.

Al Says: June 30, 2008 at 10:49 am

Hi Michelle, I’d like to comfort you by saying it wasn’t as good as it sounds, but I can’t as it was great. I’ll be doing a full post about the experience on SMM tomorrow, so you might want to avoid that 🙂

Matthew Says: June 30, 2008 at 11:11 am

I agree Al… although I try talk it down a little to friends I just can’t 🙂 The full day was class and you can’t beat flying in and out of Silverstone by helicopter.

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