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I can’t help but feel the iPod Gramophone is somewhat akin to the PhonoFone II which we covered earlier this month.

Handcrafted entirely of slip-cast ceramic to replicate the curvature and passive amplification of a French horn, this is the iPod gramophone that augments sound from an iPod without requiring auxiliary power or speaker components. The gramophone projects music using authentic horn acoustics; simply place Apple earbuds on the gramophones integrated cradles and music channels through the coiled tube and resonates out of the flared bell, resulting in warm, amplified sound up to 55 decibels (near the sound level of laptop computer speakers). The gramophone is compatible with all iPod models and similar in size to a desk lamp, allowing for use on a nightstand, credenza, or desktop. The unit is best suited for amplifying blues, folk, classical, jazz, and other music genres that do not produce heavy base frequencies. Includes adapters for earbuds. White ceramic with a clear glaze finish.

If you want a piece of retro plus modern electronics mixed into a single device in your home, the iPod Gramophone can be yours for $499.95.

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Mike Says: June 28, 2008 at 9:01 am

This is the most stupid thing I have seen in months, and that’s saying something. I wouldn’t buy it for $5, let alone that ridiculous amount, and obviously it looks nothing like a gramophone or phonophone. It’s a horn. Talk about a missed opportunity.

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