Luminous Glass makes your tabletops glow

by Ally

I swear there is nothing that can’t have a bit of extra lighting thrown in somehow.  This Luminous Glass can be used as any type of tabletop you like.  Be it a desk, an island or even the dining room table.  Nothing says geeky headquarters quite like a glowing dining room table.  It would look especially cool to replace the glass on a glass top desk to give it extra geek appeal.  The table top is 3/4” thick and made of phosphorescent glass.  The darker your room the brighter the tabletop will glow.

Anyone who went through that phase as a kid that liked anything and everything glow-in-the-dark will likely love this table as an adult.  Let’s face it, we never entirely grow out of our kid tendencies, we still find Legos extremely cool and can’t get enough of seeing our favorite comic book characters in the movies.  The glass is definitely not cheap, it is sold for $150-$200 per square foot.  It comes in red, orange, yellow or blue.  Just send them the measurements and you can have a piece made for you.

Source: bookofjoe

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