LEGO Star Wars Death Star Kit

by AndrewD

Have we hit the mother load with this or what? Featuring a collection of 3,800 LEGO pieces, 25 figures from the film, and a rendition of 14 of the most famous scenes from the movie, this LEGO Star Wars Death Star Kit is one of the most ultimates of ultimate collections for Star Wars fans.

If you need to take a breather after glancing upon this magnificent LEGO set, please, be our guest. We’ll wait. Ready? Good! This excellent LEGO Death Star splices the metallic walls right off of the Imperial space monstrosity, dissecting the Death Star into a cross section, each compartment representing a classic scene from George Lucas’ sci-fi epic.

From the famous rescue of Princess Leia from detention, the subsequent escape through a hatch into the ship’s trash compactor, all the to classic final duel between Luke and Darth in the prized throne room. This kit has it all and then some. While it’s sure to take a while to construct the Death Star, every second will be worth our nerdy time.

But for shame, for shame! The $400 (£200) kit, for some unforgivable reason, is not being sold in the UK! Like there’s no Star Wars fans in London? Give us a break! Oh well, off to eBay we go. There’s no way this is getting past our grubby little fingers.

Product Page via Toyology

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Larry Fire Says: June 21, 2008 at 6:18 am

You can read more info about this here:


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