Jetsleeper Turns Economy Class Seating Into Sleepy Land

by AndrewD

Forget about it. If I’m on a plane these days, there is just no method for allowing my brain to relax enough to sleep. And not for the reasons you think. Security fears are one thing, but economy class seating is clearly not getting any more comfortable. Even with a airport mandated pillow, our heads just feel a little too far projected in front of our bodies to take a nap.

This helpful gadget might be able to help people like me, who are used to sleeping in a comfortable bed rather than a stiff, awkwardly padded airplane seating scheme. The Jetsleeper is a gadget specifically designed to help flight passengers get some shut eye before they reach their destination. For traveling through timezones, getting enough sleep could spell the difference between being alert and being totally jet lagged.

The Jetsleeper provides support so that you can sleep sitting up, which is the mandatory position for economy class passengers. You don’t want to nod off on your neighbors shoulder in the middle of the flight and have some 50 year old Italian think you’re making a pass at him. A specially positioned pillow allows you to rest your head in a comfortable position on either side of your seat. Just pick and choose.

Of course, the Jetsleeper is completely height adjustable, so you can adjust for your proper dimensions or even share it with a friend. Maybe take sleeping shifts. Available in red or blue, the Jetsleeper is available for $30 and a sack of single serving peanuts.

Product Page via bookofjoe

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