Lexon Around Clock Sets Time To Run Full Circle

by AndrewD

There’s just something about unconventional clock design that lures us geeks in like nothing else. Perhaps it has to do with the allure of physics and the constant progression of time. Or maybe it’s just because there are a ton of really cool clock designs. Whatever the reason, cool clocks never cease to impress us.

The Lexon Around Clock is no exception. Resembling something like an egg-timer flipped on its side and smashed flat into a circular dial, the Around Clock is an analogue time piece which displays the time with cylinder rotation. Basically, the middle portion revolves as the time progresses. The Around Clock has an undeniably retro feel.

Powered by only 1 AA battery, which comes included with shipping, the Around Clock is crafted out of a glossy ABS material, available in both white and black color schemes. The time is identified by monitoring the position of the red dial along the cylindrical body.

So there’s nothing to fancy going on here. It’s very simple and the design is very clean. But it just goes to show how much a little thought can go a long way with the integration of intuitive design. You can own your own Lexon Around Clock for $45, available from Singulier.

Product Page via Acquire

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Stanium Says: June 20, 2008 at 4:06 am

The design is beautiful in it’s simplicity, though I would enlarge the clock dial so there was place for at least 5 minute unit for more time accuracy.

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