Denali 5-Piece Utility Emergency Kit

by AndrewD

Along with the extreme weather which has plagued much of the world population over the last few seasons comes extreme consequences. Many people are left without electricity or running water, which of course, leads to some pretty awful circumstances.

More and more the word of disaster preparation and awareness is being spread. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, as has been proven from disasters from the past. The Denali 5-Piece  Outdoor Utility and Emergency Kit is a basic set of tools for surviving through natural disaster and isolation in the wilderness. Of course, this isn’t everything you’d need by a long shot, but these 5 tools are staples for every disaster preparedness kit.

This Emergency Kit from Denali provides you with a flashlight, a folding camp shovel, a folding pruning saw, a hatchet and a multi-tool, all packed within a light-weight and relatively compact zippered case. The kit was designed to take up very little space in whatever place you choose to store it.

While you’ll be extremely lucky if you never have a need for an emergency kit such as this, it’s ALWAYS better to be prepared. Having a kit for basic survival could spell the difference between life and death. You can purchase your own kit from Amazon for $44.

Product Page via GearCrave

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