USB Flash Drive Lighter features a dead cow

by Ally

If you are constantly carrying around a lighter due to your smoking habits as well as needing a USB drive all the time, you might check out this little gadget.  It throws them both into one little device.  There have been other lighter/flash drive combinations before but this one is just so much more classy.  I mean it doesn’t get much more chic than an animal skull.  The site selling it says so itself the embossed cow skull is indeed “awesome”.  I’m bubbling over with so much nausea excitement that I can hardly stand it.  Even better is that it’s available for wholesale, so you can buy one for all of your friends too.

With it being summer, wedding season is kicking off and these would make great gifts for your groomsman and even the bridesmaids.  The product was just added to the site too, as of this month, which means this is a cutting edge device that has just been released.  The worst part is although I’m in complete disbelief that such a thing exists and would never spend my own money on such a product.  I would definitely carry it if it were given to me just because it cracks me up that much. For those interested in picking up the 4GB lighter it will cost you $26.95.

Source: geekalerts

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mike roeder Says: June 17, 2008 at 8:44 pm

wow! The vitriol regarding smokers, for whom this product does not exist solely for, is hilarious! Well played.

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