Golf Driver Kooler Klub Serves Up The Stealth

by AndrewD

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Not every golf player is lucky enough to join a fancy country club. The kind where chauffeurs are sent to fetch your every whim. You want a diet soda? You’ve got it! You want some hard lemonade? No problem! The vast majority of us need to play on public courses. The kind where getting to the 18th hole means dodging across the highway which intersects the course.

By the time you get far enough away from the club house, there is just no way you’re going to want to make the hike back and forth between the beverage counter and your hole. Yet most golf courses ban players to bring any outside beverages onto the course. Luckily, The Designated Driver Kooler Klub from After 5 Catalog has us covered.

The stealthy Kooler Klub allows us to bring 54 ounces of your favorite refreshment, hot or cold, right onto the course, slyly hidden within a seemingly regulation driver club. With the press of a button located on top of the Kooler’s head, the club dispenses your beverage right into your lucky mug. The Klub includes four AA batteries, and the head is easily detachable for a quick cleaning.

So this is a pretty cool gift for the thrifty golfer. Drinks are expensive at the course, and the sun is hot on our balding skulls. You can grab your own Designated Driver Kooler Klub for $119 from After 5 Catalog. Your cheap Uncle Chuck will be utterly thankful.

Product Page via YourNextGift

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Donald Tertinek Says: February 11, 2010 at 3:44 pm

Hi, to start with I want to say that I try to follow your blog. Great post, I entirely agree with you. Have a good day mate.

tammy Says: March 22, 2010 at 11:23 am

i thought that most golf corses did not alow beer well golfing so i would watch out

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