HP monitor does a stunning 1 billion colors


Granted, cell phone displays these days on the high end segment are able to display a whopping 16.7 million colors, and that specification doesn’t really matter since the display is so small to begin with. What about your monitor? Surely it can do more than that, but HP’s latest offering will definitely put whatever number your monitor can muster to shame. The new HP DreamColor Display (we mentioned it briefly earlier this week) is a new LCD screen which is able to offer a whopping 1 billion colors at the very minimum in a 30-bit, LED-backlit display. Of course, it would be a waste to purchase this just for word processing and surfing the Internet, so you must realize that this targets those who deal with plenty of colors in their everyday work including designers and animators. This phenomenal display is now shipping worldwide for $3,499.

How did this monitor come about anyways? Well, it is but the result of an unprecedented technology collaboration with DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., helping address an increasingly critical need for affordable and consistent color accuracy in the animation, game development, film/video post, broadcast, product design and graphic arts categories. The HP DreamColor breaks new ground as for the first time in mankind’s history, we will have a color-critical LCD display that is affordable enough (relatively speaking) to be placed on virtually every desk, resigning color checks, redesigns and multiple proofs to history.

The HP DreamColor display was designed for professionals for whom accurate color management is a must have, while consumers who have pockets deep enough and want the very best in technology innovations will find the HP DreamColor display more than suitable, achieving over 64 times the colors available on mainstream LCDs. This means reds, blues and greens are visibly deeper, while blacks are four times darker and whites are adjustable.

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