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SRS Labs will collaborate with U.S.-based Syntax-Brillian in order to license the former’s SRS TruSurround XT surround sound technology for the latter’s 2 Series and 6 Series brand LCD HDTVs. Well, this sounds (no pun intended) great to me since most HDTVs do not exactly come with sterling audio performance, and they often need to be augmented by some sort of dedicated home theater system. Of course, the inclusion of SRS Labs’ technology doesn’t mean you can ditch your home theater system, but at least the audio coming out from the HDTV itself won’t be too shabby and for small apartments and rooms, there might not even be a need to install a dedicated audio system.

SRS TruSurround XT deployed in Olevia LCD HDTVs processes multichannel audio content found in television shows and movies to create an immersive surround sound experience over the TV’s built-in stereo speakers. Olevia LCD HDTV customers will feel as if “phantom” speakers are placed around them, producing an amazing surround sound effect, without the clutter, wires, added expense or complexity of a multi-speaker configuration.

According to Sam Miller, Senior Vice President of R&D for Syntax-Brillian, “SRS TruSurround XT is not only easy to integrate into our platform, but, more importantly, provides our customer’s with a high-quality, immersive audio experience that matches the rich, vibrant images of our new lineup of Olevia LCD HDTVs that we plan to introduce this Summer. We’re happy to be working with an innovator like SRS Labs and look forward to developing our partnership further in the future.”

When will this new batch of HDTVs ship? Well, Syntax-Brillian will begin to roll them out this summer, so you can choose from either the new 2 Series and or 6 Series Olevia LCD HDTVs with SRS Labs’ TruSurround XT, as long as you’re living in North America. There is a size to suit every budget, and depending on how deep your pockets go, they range from 26″ to 65″.

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