Cell Phone Projectors May Start with the iPhone

by Mark R

I think there may be a market for projectors on a cellular phones, and wouldn’t be surprised it becomes a standard feature. The technology is still young, but it might soon be a reality.

Projectors might not be ready to be put inside all cell phones just yet, but a projector for a specific cellular phone might be here sooner than we think.

A company known as Honlai Technology unveiled a model of a portable projector for the iPhone at Computex 2008. I guess 3G isn’t enough for the big Mac, they have to have a projector to go along with it. I guess Mr. iPhone just has to have more. (There’s a double meaning here. Read the label on the projector in the picture and you’ll get it, trust me.)

This iPhone projector works as easy as popping your iPhone in, and playing whatever video is loaded on it. Unfortunately, this device is still a concept. So we are a long way from playing our cellular phone videos on our wall.

However, I think we all have seen this coming. After all, the screens on our cell phones are so tiny, and it was about time they were put on something bigger. Something tells me that whoever perfects this projecting technology will be quite rich.


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