STAR MASTER Mini Star Projector


If you’ve got a budding astronomer in your home, why not make him/her happy with the STAR MASTER Mini Star Projector? This nifty little toy might even evoke the sense of wonder in adults as they remain cooped in a dark room, doing some personal reflection on just how small they are compared to the relative size of the universe. Powered by a trio of AA batteries, it will throw a bunch of colorful stars in the immediate vicinity. Don’t worry if the light bulb decides to give up the ghost – each purchase comes with a spare. Of course, if that one goes as well you’ll just have to fork out $22 for a brand new set.

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locas Says: November 24, 2009 at 11:18 pm

im keen on it $22 USD? if i get more will there be a gd price?

florencia Says: May 2, 2010 at 1:54 pm

I would like to know if I can find this gadget in New York City. Next month I will be in New york please if someone knows about this let me know

Rob Says: August 30, 2011 at 8:33 pm

This is a neat little gadget, purchased mine for $7 at a discount department store here in Canada.
Just a note about the above description, it says once you have gone through the first bulb, and the second bulb, you’ll just have to spring for another set…I would think you could just buy a replacement bulb at Radio Shack or Walmart.

As for the Star Master..
It is indeed a cool toy. However you will discover a couple things about it that will make you scratch your head.
First of all, it has a spot for a dc adapter, though it is not included, and the obscurity of this toy would lead you to believe it is not available for purchase.
Second of all, it is not at all a rendition of the night sky. It is cool to look at, but it is just a bunch of dots with light passing through them. HOWEVER, the base of the Star Master can be turned to set the month. Couple the fact that I just said about it having nothing to do with actual stars, and the fact that there is no point of orientation even if it was accurate, will leave you just as puzzled as I.
I say buy this thing, honestly it is cool, but don’t put any thought into that rotating base, I swear it was just put there as a prank to make smart people puzzle over it!
One last note, this toy would almost double in coolness if it very slowly turned on its base, which would make the stars move and sparkle.
Have fun!

Stu Turner Says: April 5, 2013 at 1:30 pm

I have to say I am very dissappointed with the Star Master. I agree with the last person in the fact it doesn’t do anything that it advertises. That is, it doesn’t have a true representation of the night sky, it doesn’t spin on its base and it has the months of the year around the base for no reason whatsoever. I would go one further however, and say that I have wasted my money. I could have made something better with a light bulb and some holes in some cardboard. Why didn’t you then I hear you ask. Well maybe I will. I might even put a small motor in it so it turns round.

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