The Future Of Ultrasounds: Celebrating Pregnancy

by AndrewD

It might creep you out a bit that the future of medical imaging resembles something straight out of a Stanley Kubrick flick (2001: A Space Odyssey, one of the greats), but 4D ultrasounds are on their way. And that’s not all. Technology might be making the medical experience a much more comfortable position to be in.

Imagine taking a trip to your obstetrician of choice, and not be faced with the threat of cold patient table slabs and even colder ultrasound lubrication. But instead, you’d be greeted with a big, comfy, couch sitting in a welcoming setting. And on top of the added comfort, you’d get an up close and personal 4D look at your developing baby. “Celebrating Pregnancy” is a project which believes this is possible.

“Celebrating Pregnancy” is a ‘pregnancy scenario’ for the future. The experience of medical imaging would be made into a very intimate and magical family setting if the future of “Celebrating Pregnancy” ever gets to see the light of day.

Patients will be able to interact with a 4D projection image of their child in the uterus, complete with audio and stress reducing ambient lighting. The experience would be more like a day at the spiritual spa than anything medical related.

Source via Book Of Joe

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Chad Says: December 22, 2011 at 7:16 am

My wife and I experienced our son in 4D and it was amazing. If you have not tried 4D ultrasound you do not know what you are missing.

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