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I just love wireless technology – it frees us from the shackles of being limited by messy cables, and most of the time these wires and cables seem to have a life of their own, getting all messed and tangled up when left alone. Of course, wireless technology does have its limitations as well in terms of signal strength the further you are away from the source/base station, but at least it adds a much neater perspective on an overall level, and this is exactly what VUDU aims to achieve with their new VUDU Wireless Kit. This new wireless solution allows consumers to enjoy their VUDU set top box anywhere in their home without the need for pesky Ethernet cables.

According to Patrick Cosson, VP of Marketing for VUDU, “Following the rapid success and strong following we’ve already achieved for the VUDU box, we’re now taking the next step to offer even greater convenience to video fans. Our customers have been asking for a wireless solution, and we’ve responded with a hassle-free and secure solution that does not require complicated configuration. VUDU users can now enjoy the ultimate viewing experience in any room in the house, no matter where their broadband connection enters their home.” Guess the folks at VUDU really take customer feedback into consideration and do something about it, eh?

The VUDU Wireless Kit takes a plug-and-play approach, making it a snap to start your very own wireless network that is dedicated to the VUDU set top box. This arrangement will do away with the constraints of physical cables and complicated wireless configurations, leaving you more time to enjoy the movies you have downloaded. All you need to do is plug the wireless base station into the existing broadband router, while the receiver ends up in the VUDU box, creating a dedicated and secure 802.11g Wi-Fi network. The wireless kit won’t shortchange you, as it supports the full range of VUDU functionality, including instant-on for HD content (depending on your bandwidth). Interested parties can pick up the VUDU Wireless Kit for $79, and if you haven’t jumped onto the VUDU bandwagon just yet, the entire wireless bundle including both the VUDU box and the VUDU Wireless Kit is also available for $349.

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