The Speak-er speaker

by Ally

These humorous little speakers use little chat bubbles to emit sound.  Making the design seem much more witty and chic than my normal computer speakers.  All they do is sit there, they don’t even look cool.  I’m going to have to hang my head in shame now.  All these novelty speakers are making me look entirely too normal.  My keyboard glows though, that’s cool right?  Three different colors too, I don’t need interesting speakers.  No, I have a glowing keyboard.

Alright fine, these speakers are much cooler than even my glowing keyboard.  They probably would be more expensive too if it weren’t for the fact that they are still a concept design.  It was designed by designer Sherwood Forlee, who I will have thank later for making all of my gadgets look dull.  These would look especially sleek sitting on either side of a Mac monitor.  Especially with the white lining on the outside.  Then again snazzy speakers such of these would look great with even the most sad of computers.  Hopefully this little concept design will eventually get put onto the shelves at some point.

Source: YankoDesign

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