Corsair and Dell usher in 1600MHz memory


Corsair and Dell have come together in a show of commitment for a high performance computing experience, announcing the availability of 4GB of overclocked DDR3 memory that will be available officially for the first time. The memory in question is Corsair’s very own Dominator line, and these speedy monsters can be found on Dell’s XPS 730 gaming desktop that will run at a solid 1600MHz without suffering from stability issues. I suppose you had best get the rest of your computer up to par, ranging from the motherboard to processor and video card lest a bottleneck pops up out of nowhere, leaving you unable to enjoy the blazing fast speeds of such memory.

The dramatic increase in memory frequency from previous 800MHz DDR2 modules to the overclocked 1600MHz Corsair DOMINATORs allows a corresponding increase in memory subsystem bandwidth, which directly results in improved system performance. At the same time, advances in processor architecture and game design have moved the optimal memory content for a gaming-oriented system from 2GB to 4GB. Corsair and Dell worked together to produce module test procedures specifically tailored to provide a high speed 4GB memory subsystem with superior stability and greatly elevated clock frequency.

With 4GB of memory, most, if not all the games played will see a significant improvement. In addition to a less laggy playing experience, you ought to benefit from faster task switching as well as program load times. Both Dell and Corsair have thrown in many hours of testing and tweaking the numerous hardware and firmware revisions to make sure that everything runs smoothly, resulting in a platform that is exquisitely tuned for performance and stability. Well, the next time you pick up a Dell XPS desktop, make sure you include the option for 4GB of Corsair Dominator memory if you want to create a hardcore gaming machine that ought to last you a fair bit before the next upgrade cycle.

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