The Powerfilm Solar Battery Charger

by Ally

Many of us have wireless mouses and other random gadgets that require batteries and for most of us we have resorted to rechargeable batteries.  Well if you’re going to charge them up every other day, you might as well do it the eco-friendly way.  This way you seem environmentally concsious, even if you do spend your entire day on your computer, at least the batteries that keep your mouse running will be a bit more energy efficient.  Also anyone who will be out camping or hiking this summer and has a flashlight or other small gadgets that need to keep going this solar charger can go anywhere with you.

It just rolls up and you can easily slip it into your pocket or a backpack.  For two batteries it will take about four hours on a perfectly sunny day and for four batteries it will take about eight.  Like all solar panels it will just depend on how sunny it is outside.  The pack is meant to be rugged, so hopefully it will be able to stand up to whatever daily abuse you happen to put it through.  The Powerfilm solar battery charger is currently being sold for about $130.

Source: ohgizmo

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bentimid Says: June 23, 2008 at 1:34 am

how long will the solar cell last?

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