The Ora Unica watch seems way too frustrating

by Ally

With everyone constantly having gadgets at hand that all tell the time, mainly cellphones, it seems a bit ridiculous to wear a watch anymore.  That is unless you feel the need to make a fashion statement that says you’re so smart you can read a watch that is nothing more than scribbles.  I actually had to minimize the window with the photo of the watch because I felt hypnotized by it.  I just kept staring at it trying to see the point in a watch that would be so obnoxious to read you would end up ripping your hair out.

Jackson Pollock designed this and named it “Ora Unica” which translates into one hour.  I am assuming he gave it that name because that is how long it takes to read the thing, one hour.  From staring at it for so long I get how it works, the end of the swirly lines are the hands.  It is also fairly logical to assume that is is about 11:40 on the watch.  However, that still has to be one of the most frustrating watches to read.  Part of me enjoys the aspect that you would look brilliant just glancing at this watch and spouting off the time.  I, however, would be the genius that took ten minutes to read their own watch.

Source:  SlipperyBrick

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kev Says: March 2, 2010 at 10:56 pm

jackson pollock? isn’t it designed by denis guidone?

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