Arctic Breeze


Have you ever tried working on a laptop or a super fast desktop PC in a non-air conditioned room? The mercury shoots up pretty fast, leaving you to sweat beads in no time. Arctic Cooling understands that gaming in an uncomfortable environment just ain’t down, hence releasing its latest product – the Arctic Breeze. This portable USB desktop fan helps keep things cool by sending out a refreshing breeze during hot, sunny weather. This 92mm fan won’t wake up the dead thanks to a low noise impeller, offering speeds of 1,200rpm and 2,000rpm that can be adjusted according to how hot you’re feeling. Although powered via USB, it comes with an On/Off switch that does away with the need for you to plug or unplug it. The Arctic Breeze will arrive in time for summer this June, retailing for £8.

Source: BIOS

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orion Says: June 1, 2008 at 8:20 am

we have a similar thing at work to keep cool, the dreaded arctic storm… which unwisely involves spraying an upsidedown can of liquid butane at someone to really chill them down….. oooooooooh icy!!!

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