Dualit’s retro Home Range Kitchen Radio

by Ally

If you can’t handle having a radio in the kitchen that stands out a bit too much, you might want to check out these Dualit radios.  Looking very much like a retro toaster and made solely for your kitchen it keeps you entertained while stuck washing the dishes.  The radio features both FM reception and DAB and with each mode it has 5 different presets.  Even though it is a kitchen radio, it features an alarm and a snooze.  I don’t know, in case you fall asleep waiting for the water to boil.  That or, you could take the kitchen radio outside of the kitchen.  I know, that’s just crazy talk, no one would ever do that.

It also has an AUX IN so that you can hook up your iPod and not have to listen to any obnoxious commercials between your favorite songs.  It comes in cream, polished (silver), red and black.  Most of them are currently sold out but there is rumor of them coming back into stock and at about half the price they are set at now.  It is currently being sold for just over $295 and supposedly in July it will go down to right around $170.   Which isn’t exactly a steal, but I suppose it is a bit cheaper at least.

Source: shinyshiny

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