The Kitchen Composter

by AndrewD

Are you an over shopper? No matter how many times you go to the grocery store you always wind up buying too much food. This surplus of extra food eventually expires and is quickly introduced to the trash can. But why? Why do we waste so much food when we can use it for creating something usable?

The Kitchen Composter takes all of your leftover or rotting food and composites fully-usable fertilizer within two weeks using only 10 watts of power. The extra fertilizer not only saves you money from your local garden product dealer, but would be awesome to use on your home garden, growing your own family some fresh veggies.

The composter does its thing over a period of two weeks and notifies you that the job is done with a red light. The selection of 6 colors allows you to mix and match with your home decor, so the composter doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

NatureMill offers some special goodies behind the scenes, including free field technician repair and even replacement of the entire unit up to three years after purchase. So you figure that the initial $395 investment will set you back a tad in your finances, but over time, you’d surely make all of that back and more.

Product Page via EcoFriend

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