Pogo keeps Polaroid as Polaroid in the digital age …

by James

Polaroid Pogo

The biggest challenge an instant print company like Polaroid would have in the digital age is how to keep it’s unique and interesting niche in an ever competitive market and not look like just another digital camera company. With Pogo, Polaroid may be doing just that.

At 8 ounces in size, the Pogo Pocket Printer prints tiny 2”x3” digital prints with sticker backings directly from a digital camera or even cellphone through an interesting process that is both wireless and inkless.

Pogo 2

Using Bluetooth, it can connect directly to your cellphone and print a full color image in about a minute. It can do so in an inkless fashion thanks to the Zink photo paper which keeps to the spirit of Polaroid instant print style through millions of tiny heat activated crystals which create the color image. The photos are waterproof, tear proof and smear proof. And only time will tell if they’re fade proof.

The Pogo printer works either with a rechargeable battery or AC adapter/Charger.

Retails for $150 and will be available exclusively through both Target and Best Buy later in the summer.

Hat tip – Popgadget

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Elliot Says: June 16, 2008 at 1:34 pm

This is an awesome bit of kit, which shows just how well we can downsize technology these days. But I still wonder why you woul ever want to print a photo so small?

Surely if you want to print, do it big. Cost of printing like this must be high too.

Very cool, but personally i’d rather keep my Photo printing online where its free cheap and easy.

Still, cool gadget tho.

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