Home based golf simulator goes indoors as well as out

by James

Golf Sim 1

Everyone remembers the scene in Caddyshack. Not that scene. Not that scene either. But the one where the priest is playing the greatest golf game of his life in the worst storm in decades and on his last shot, he misses the putt and the course record. He curses the heavens and is struck down by lightning for his impudence. Well, it would surprise you to know that happens a lot. Every year, hundreds of golfers get struck by lightning while trying to get in a quick 9 holes. Even famed golfer Lee Trevino was hit by a sideways bolt of lightning in 1975. So, how do a foursome get their round in when the clouds go dark? The Eball Golf Simulator, of course. But it’s not cheap.

Golf Sim 2

The Eball Golf Simulator has two ways a duffer can use it. First, there’s an inflatable outdoor version which golfers can use to create an indoor/outdoor video area with which to use the computer program. Then there’s the permanent outdoor version which one can put in their basement, office, or spare room. The Sim comes with a huge screen that projects the image of a preferred golf course in real time.

Golf Sim 3

The Simulator uses sensors which watch the golf ball and as the golfer tees off, these sensors measure swing speed and ball direction before the ball strikes the screen and is converted into a virtual ball which sails down the digital course. Great for practice at night or safely playing through a rain delayed round.

But if you have the outdoor version, wouldn’t you just go to the real thing and play through?

Hat Tip – Born Rich

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