The Alarm Clock Blanket

by AndrewD

It’s a fact. Some people are just not meant to be awake in the early hours of the morning. We’re not exactly sure if this has been proven by science yet, but our own morning troubles are enough to prove to us that some of us are just not early birds.

Even if we aren’t early birds there are certain times when we have to get our butts out of bed to get the worm. It has already been a struggle for many people to find an alarm clock which actually alerts them in the early morning. If you’ve read CG for a while, you are already clear of the numerous attempts companies have made at production. The REMY Alarm Clock Blanket merges our love for warm, dark, and dry places with productivity.

Using a unique form of biometrics, the REMY applies a distant camera which records body movement. When the camera picks up that it’s the appropriate time for your awakening, the blanket renders light patterns which simulate the rising sun of dawn.

While the REMY Alarm Clock Blanket might not be much help to those of us who can sleep during any lighting situation, it will surely wake you up if you’re one of those people who cannot sleep if the sun’s rays are starting to peek through your window.

Designer’s Flickr via Yanko

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