Mac Keyboard Shortcut Skins

by AndrewD

Even Mac users have their chance to receive perks that Windows users aren’t as lucky to receive. Other than receiving a much more stable operating system all around, Mac users also get to reap the benefits of products made by young and inspired Mac fans.

If you’re a OS X owner who happens to be a power user of Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, After Effects, or Logic Pro, then Photojojo has these excellent Keyboard Shortcut Skins which are made for both Macbook, MacBook Pro and Air keyboards, as well as the thin Apple desktop keyboards and the classic Apple keyboard.

The skins divide the keyboard into a grid of pretty colors, each key displaying its shortcut feature for the app of your choice, while still displaying the correct letter of the key, just in case you have trouble typing without looking at the keyboard.

Photojojo claims that the skins are easy to remove and reapply as you please (just in case your use more than one of the listed applications, we suppose,) and are custom designed to fit your Mac keyboard. The skins help you memorize the shortcut functions for your favorite programs, if you have trouble doing so without a visual aide.

Product Page via Uncrate

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