eMagin Z800 3D visor


eMagin Corporation decided to make a huge splash at the Society for Information Display Conference and Exhibition (SID 2008) at the Los Angeles Convention Center by introducing its most recent OLED microdisplays, including the pretty nifty Z800 3DVisor. This futuristic device will rely on a couple of power-efficient OLED microdisplays, giving the wearers a 3D equivalent of a 105″ display viewed from 12 feet away – sounds pretty awesome since it is pretty impossible for the average Joe to just purchase a 105″ flat panel display at his whim and fancy these days, considering just how low the dollar is along with more pressing issues to attend to instead of mulling over purchasing a brand new TV. While the potential use of the Z800 3DVisor is manifold, I would say the gaming community will definitely warm up to it readily – after all, who wouldn’t want to experience big screen gaming despite living in a cramped living room?

The Z800 3DVisor relies on a USB connection to power it, integrated two SVGA 3D OLED microdisplays along with stereo audio for that perfect entertainment package. The fun doesn’t stop there though as each $1,499 purchase will be accompanied by a noise canceling microphone and a high-speed headtracker that offers full 360-degree virtual-surround viewing. Owners will be pleased to know that the money dropped for the Z800 won’t be in vain, since it shares the same technology as the OLED displays used in the US Army Land Warrior program, delivering high-speed, 800 x 600 triad pixels resolution in over 16.7 million colors. It is smart enough to recognize and deliver left-eye and right-eye stereovision signals, eliminating flicker and smear by buffeting color data under each pixel site.

Not only that, the Z800 3Dvisor is compatible with PCs that can produce an analog SVGA resolution at 800 x 600 pixels, along with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Hopefully future iterations will be able to support higher resolutions.

Source: Gizmag

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