A true computer desk


The term “computer desk” generally refers to a desk that was made for people using a computer, right? You’ll see things like a keyboard drawer, maybe a monitor riser and perhaps even some CD holders. However, the designer of this desk has taken the term in the literal sense, and created a desk that is also a computer.

While I couldn’t ever switch to something like this, I think it is an awesome concept for high-end offices. It removes all traces of the computer, save the monitor. When upgrades or repairs are needed, just simply open the lid (I’d keep it locked to prevent employees from just opening it up and poking around) and you have complete access to all of the vital components. The only thing that appears to be lacking is a feature found on almost every simple computer desk; a keyboard drawer. Perhaps you just can’t see if from this angle, but I would hope that they included one in their design.

Source: Dvice

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