World’s Largest Virtual Fish Tank

by Mark R

They say that nothing can make people relax more than simply watching fish. The problem with fish tanks is they require constant care. I mean, you have to keep the temperature at a constant level, then you have to feed the fish too. If you forget even one of these things, you’ll wake up see your fish doing the backstroke.

Maybe you should get yourself some sort of Virtual Fish Tank, so you can watch the fish without any maintenance but electrical power. Some of you might even have one of these Virtual Fish Tanks on your screen saver.

But if you’re looking for something bigger, you would be hard-pressed to find one larger than the 32 million dollar Virtual Fish Tank in Beijing. This one measures 30 by 250 meters, which is slightly larger than a football field. You know it’s got to be big if I’m using football fields for a size comparison.

This Virtual Fish Tank is mounted six stories in the air between two shopping malls. I’m not certain why the creators of this Virtual Fish Tank chose to mount this contraption high on the ceiling. I would much rather see fish tank in a traditional wall setting.

I suppose people could lie on their back and watch the Ceiling Fish Tank. That would make them feel really relaxed. At least until the shoppers step on their faces, that is.


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miles Says: May 23, 2008 at 4:42 pm

Uh — 250m would almost be bigger than 3 football fields.

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